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How to Buy Houses Below Market Value

Posted on: July 24th, 2018 by , No Comments

There are a lot of new investors that want to break into the wholesale real estate investment market. They know they have to buy houses below market value. This can be a challenge for the new comer.  One needs to do their homework for this. If they do they can become very successful at it. One of the important aspects is to find houses below market value.

Where To Find Wholesale Real Estate Deals

find and buy houses below market value

Where to fine wholesale real estate deals is the first step. For those that want to be wholesale investors. At first this may be a bit frustrating. It can be time consuming. But, there are some excellent resources available. To find houses below market value.


The most logical place to start is with the local papers. Going to the houses for sale section. No doubt there will be several pages on these. It means taking the time to carefully scrutinize each of these. It won’t take long to identify those houses below market value. But, it also has to be determined who is selling the property. It could be the owner directly. Or it could be a real estate agent. How you will deal with this is going to depend on some factors.

Many times individuals that are in financial trouble want to sell their house fast. These are the most common types of houses below market value. In this case doing a deal with the seller may not be too difficult. As a wholesale buyer you are going to make it easy it for them. You will be able to offer a cash deal. There will be no restrictions like a property inspection. You should be able to offer to close the deal quickly.

If you are dealing with a traditional real estate investor it may be a little more difficult. They may want to try and negotiate more. Make it clear that you are an investor buying houses below market value. They will understand the process you use for buying houses. If they are keen on selling the house quickly they will be ready to make a deal.

Online Listings

There are a lot of advantages to seeking out online listings. These have become really popular for selling houses fast. Those that want to sell fast are the ones with houses below market value. There is a distinct advantage to utilizing the listings. Those looking for houses below market value can narrow down their search with a search query. This saves time.

Forced Sales

Another opportunity for buying houses below market value is to look for forced sales. There are many people who have not been able to keep up with their house obligations. Either they have not been able to honor their mortgage. Or there is a tax lien against it. These are most likely gong to be sold as houses below market value.

Fastest Ways To Buy Investment Properties

fast ways to buy houses below market value


A very important approach for finding houses below market value is through networking. This means building a list of contacts. Ones that are related to the real estate industry. It means reaching out to these individuals. Letting  them know that you are a professional property wholesale buyer. There are different ways to go about this. It can be done through word of mouth. It may mean joining some appropriate organizations. The common contacts for networking in this area would be bankers and realtors. Also, accountants are a good source. Those that re-arrange financing may be another source. This is one of the fastest ways to buy investment properties.

Where To Buy Houses To Flip

There are wholesale property investors who know where to buy houses to flip. They will buy these homes and then put them back on the market quickly. These are professionals who know what they are doing. For those who are just getting into this business, they are a powerful resource. These professionals are big time savers. In this form of real estate business time is money. It can take a lot of time trying to find houses below market value. If one is diligent on using the best resources then this half the battle.

Tips For Finding Wholesalers

finding wholesalers to buy houses below market value

One of the most important tips is to be dedicated. If one is going about this half hearted there will be limited success. One part of this business is to know where to buy houses to flip. The other is being able to sell them.

Seek out professionals that are in this business. They can become the primary resource. These are experts at both finding houses below market value and selling them. They know exactly what a house is worth. There is no bickering over the prices. The deals are done in a simple manner. They are also done quickly. This is important for those investors in wholesale property.

Make sure that you are dealing with one that is truly a professional. There are a lot of novices in this business. They will try to sell properties below market value. But, they don’t understand the professional process that is needed. These tips of finding wholesalers can help you become successful in this business.

Get Local Houses Below Market Value!

Here at Salt Lake Wholesale Homes we have been in this business for several years. We are all about keeping it simple. Our business is built on honesty and integrity. This applies no matter what segment of a property deal we are involved in. We believe that we can do great business with wholesale property buyers like yourself. We focus on closing fast so that you get more properties when you need them. There are no hidden deals or working behind anyone’s back. What you see is what you get when you are doing business with us.

We have built an excellent reputation as wholesalers in Salt Lake City.  We  enjoy working with those that are interested in buying the wholesale properties, or investors just getting started. It is always our priority to create a hassle free experience. Have a question about the process, or interested in a property? Give us a call at 801-810-8756. We’d love to talk to you!

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