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How to Find Investment Properties in Salt Lake City

Posted on: June 19th, 2019 by , No Comments

One of the most popular forms of investment is in real estate. There are various types of real estate investments. One is to buy one’s property to live in. The investment comes with building the equity. Another is to buy additional property and rent it. Then an other way is to buy property and fix it up and sell it for a profit. Along with these is the fourth option. It is an option to get involved in wholesale property buying and selling.  This one means knowing how to find investment properties.

How To Find Investment Properties

how to find investment properties

All of these methods take money, but the one that has the least demand is wholesaling of houses. It is also the quickest way to complete a transaction. Plus, it is the one with the least hassles. How to find investment properties is the first step.

How to Find Properties

It means learning what all of the resources are. Next, it means knowing how to use these resources. Knowing what the advantages are of using them is essential.

How to Find Investment Property Resources

how to find investment properties by using resources

Using the Internet

The internet is an excellent resource for almost any type of information. It includes how to find investment properties. It is a matter of finding the right sites to access for this information.

Investment Property Listings

There are significant real estate sites that act as the main portal for many different areas. They include all kinds of properties. Among their listings of properties will be investment property listings.  It is just a matter of going to the main site. Next, pick an area, then narrow down the search to investment properties. These investment property listings can be one of many valuable resources. It will help with how to find investment properties.

Aside from this, there are other platforms that offer a similar type of service. The use of the site is slightly different. For these sites, one can search by the price range and the state of interest.

Another approach is a reverse tactic. Instead of looking for investment property for sale, do the opposite. Run a real estate wanted ad. There are listing platforms that will allow you to do this. You can list the criteria and the price range that you are looking for.

These are some ways that answer how to find investment property.

 How To Find Private Investors For Real Estate

how to find investment properties and private investors

You have to follow a format for finding wholesale properties to buy. You also need to learn how to find private investors for real estate. There are more resources for doing this than you might expect.

1. Check The Local Papers

Savvy private investors will use the same tactics that you use for finding homes to buy. You can check the local want ads. See if there are any potential investors looking to buy.

2. Look for Investors at Foreclosure Auctions

Private investors know where to physically go to make the right contacts. It is the contacts they need in this business as an investor. Many of these investors will check out the local court houses. It is for the purpose of determining what foreclosure auctions are looming.

3. Join Organizations

Following through with how to find private investors for real estate means joining the area REIA. It is the Real Estate Investors Association. It is a great way to make contacts. It has great networking opportunities.

4. Look at Previous History

Look through the MLS listings. See who has bought houses for cash in the past. Make contact with these investors.

Investment Property For Sale By Owner

how to find investment properties for sale by owner

There are different reasons why homeowners will sell. Many times they have a need for a quick sale. They are willing to sell for a minimum price. They will base the price on what they need to clean up their financial difficulties. Often they will list the house as sale by owner. For the wholesale real estate investor this is a good resource. There are many sites online now that have a special listing section. It is for private owners selling their property.

Rental Income Properties For Sale

How to find investment properties should include looking at rental income properties for sale. Many of the investors for real estate are looking for this kind of property. As a wholesale buyer, it gives you another target market to tap into.  Often rental income property for sale  are also in the same areas as wholesale properties.

There are some good selling advantages to this type of wholesale property investment. The property is already zoned for renting. It probably has a track record for rental income. Or, at least has a strong potential for doing so. It may need fixing up. Which needing some repair helps to create the wholesale pricing.

Many wholesale investors will make this type of property their priority. These are businesses that are up for sale.  It allows them to target a completely different market.

Real estate investors list

how to find investment properties by using resources

Start a real estate investors list. It is one of the first steps to take when starting into real estate wholesale investing. Having a real estate investors list can help you make a quick sale. It can also keep your holding costs down.  Add previous buyers to your list. Even if they have not bought from you. Many times these buyers buy numerous properties. They may buy their next one from you. It will only happen if you are able to market to them. Your list will allow you to keep track of them.

How to find investment properties is only one part of real estate wholesaling. Being able to sell them is the other. Networking in this business can be an excellent marketing tactic. Be sure to contact us here at Salt Lake Wholesale Homes. There may be some great opportunities for each of us to work together. Having a different approach to competitive business is the new way of doing business. Investors in the wholesale property business can work together. It can create excellent opportunities for everyone involved.

The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or as any other type of advice.