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10 Ways to Find Wholesale Real Estate Investors in Salt Lake City

Posted on: March 20th, 2019 by , No Comments

It can seem overwhelming when you first set out to find wholesale real estate investors. But the truth is that there are some tried and true ways of finding cash buyers real estate wholesaling. You can find what you are looking for. Here are 10 effective ways to find wholesale real estate investors.

Tip 1 – Gathering Online Leads

On your website, you can gather leads. All you need is a form and an invitation asking them to sign up for your buyers list. The online form will allow them to enter their name and contact information. There are numerous social media platforms to use that can help drive traffic to your website.

Tip 2 – How to Find Cash Buyers Using Public Records

find wholesale real estate investors in public records

You can also learn how to find cash buyers using public records. Your public record’s office records and files information pertaining to all sales in your region. They will have a specific way for you to access the public records, and certain forms to fill out. But you learn how to find cash buyers using public records. First, you’ll need to do an online search to find out where your county accessors office and website is. Their website may have the information you need about accessing public records. You are looking for the records regarding the sale of houses and property in your area. The accessor’s office will have two items of interest to you. First, you’ll be able to see the deed which will show how the ownership changed. Secondly, there will be a lien which indicates a loan was made for the purchase. However, on houses purchased through a cash sale, there will not be a lien since there was not a loan.

Tip 3 – Check out Court Auctions in Your Area

If a person buys at an auction, or at the courthouse, they will have to pay in cash. Every person who bids on property at a courthouse will be a cash buyer. Arrive at auctions early and engage in conversations with others, maybe pass out some of your business cards. This is a nice way to begin networking and a way to find wholesale real estate investors.

Tip 4 – Bandit Signs

find wholesale real estate investors from bandit signs

“Bandit signs” is a type of sign that contains useful information. You see them frequently in yards and on telephone poles. Many times, they are near busy street corners. When you see bandit signs, use their information to contact them. This is a very good way of finding cash buyers in real estate wholesaling. Since they have signs out in the neighborhoods looking for houses to buy for cash, you know they are already in the business. Drive through different neighborhoods collecting information. Create a list of cash buyers for real estate and call each one. Explain your current deals as well as how they benefit from working with you. Keep their information for your list database cash real estate investors and contact them when you have another deal.

Tip 5 – Check Our Craigslist

By marketing your property through Craigslist, and other online sites like it, you’ll make finding cash buyers real estate wholesaling easy. First, you’ll want to create your own ad template, so it’ll be easy to input your information each time. You want to put in just enough info that buyers will contact you. Remove older ads each day and re-post your properties to keep it near the top.

Tip 6 – Real Estate Investors Meetings

find wholesale real estate investors from networking events

Each state and some regions have their own real estate investment clubs. Joining a group of like-minded people can be a useful, and fun, way to find wholesale real estate investors. It’s another outlet and chance to network with other investors.

Tip 7 – Make Your Own Bandit Signs

There’s nothing wrong with a little local marketing yourself. You can make bandit signs that include your tagline and contact information. Place them in high traffic areas and on properties where they are allowed. Getting your name and information out there is important. You never know who may call.

Tip 8 – Targeted Networking

Start explaining to those already in your network that you are looking to find wholesale real estate investors. It doesn’t hurt to target the search with different, but related niches. For instance, almost every real estate agent keeps a list database of real estate investors. They keep their eyes open and may be able to offer some information. Seek out bankruptcy or tax foreclosure auctions. You are likely to find wholesale real estate investors interested in the property.

Tip 9 – Check Online Resources

find wholesale real estate investors from the internet

There are many online resources to help in finding cash buyers real estate wholesaling. Online searches can direct you to forums and groups where real estate investing is frequently discussed. Get involved in the groups and forums and get to know who the other members are. Once you are established in the group and have a rapport, you can private message other investors to see if they mind being added to your list of cash buyers for real estate.

Tip 10 – Social Media Outlets

Social media is a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully, you are already using some of the popular platforms for your investing business. But they can also be beneficial for developing a list of cash buyers for real estate. LinkedIn is a platform developed to help businesses link up. Create a profile and build a network. Facebook is a good tool for groups of investors to network and find wholesale real estate investors.

Want to Get Connected With a Local Real Estate Investor?

find wholesale real estate investors all over

Our goal as real estate investors is to develop our own list database of cash real estate investors. We want to connect with other like-minded investors. We’d like to get to know you and add you to our database. We also want to be included in your list of real estate investors. Contact us today so we can begin to network together.

Here at Salt Lake Wholesale Homes, we have been in the real estate business of buying and selling cheap houses for a long time. We welcome the opportunity to work with wholesales. This is no matter if they are new to this business or have been in it for a long time. Give us a call at 801-810-8756 so we can talk business together.

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